Concept Planning – from Ideas to Products

Developing a new idea into a product is a fascinating process. In many cases it is also a complex and high-risk investment. Creanex complements concepting with fresh ideas and visions that, however, also understand the demands of machine engineering. By outsourcing the concepting to Creanex, our customers are able to free significant resources to their core business.

Concepting is a cost-effective way to proceed from ideas to products. Concepting examines the serviceability of product ideas and their critical points. Always based on an agreed scope of work, we innovate solutions, evaluate alternatives, and eliminate risks in order to benefit our customer.

This generates reliable information to support the decision to start the development of a product. Information gained early on will help in avoiding the possibility of very expensive pitfalls later.

Starting with Objectives and Interfaces

A description of the objective is usually enough to begin the concepting process with. Different alternatives are then produced during conception. Together with the customer, we decide which solution will be examined further and to which interfaces the outcome should match. Examples of different interfaces are mechanics, hydraulics, electric systems, sensoring and automation, and control.

If the customer so wishes, Creanex can also assume responsibility for the manufacture and installation of components, as well as testing the whole concept. Measurements in different phases will give a good idea of how the solution has responded to the set objectives.

Our successful experience has shown that the development of control systems can also be approached through concepting.