Measuring Defines and Refines Goals and Verifies Results

Measuring Services – Verification through measurements

In the development of work machinery, the role of measuring is essential, and testing as a part of development work is an agile way to proceed in small and effective steps towards the goal.

The objectives are crystallized when you know the performance of the machine or equipment, and the factors that affect it. Measurements before and after alterations provide a solid basis for assessing which aspects were affected and if the effects were as expected.

More than Reports

Creanex implements and reports on measurements according to a plan drawn up with the customer. The outcome of measuring projects need not, however, be only in reports. A project can also produce proposals for action, as well as tool applications for processing, analysing, and displaying the results.

Gathering the Information

For measuring purposes, connections can be made to commonly used machine control buses, and the machine's own control and measurement data can be utilised. As the measurement system of Creanex supports the simultaneous monitoring of several measuring channels, the machine can be equipped with sensors that gather extra information. The gathered data is stored in a synchronised form, making the results comparable with one another. Our tools for analysing measurement data also enable connecting video image as a part of the measurement.