Tools for Product Development and Testing

Product Development and Testing of Control Systems – Quality Assurance and Safety

In addition to training, simulator solutions can be adapted for the product development and testing of machines. Creanex has created a product development and testing environment for control systems in cooperation with established manufacturers of work machinery. The sooner you can ensure the function of each subsystem and its compatibility with other subsystems, the lower the development costs will be and the shorter the product’s time-to-market.

The automation of testing

In addition to manual testing, our system also enables the automation of testing. Automation means the description of test cases using test scripts. Automated test cases can always be repeated exactly the same and the test system generates information on the success of the test and the related measurements for later use.

Simulator-aided product development and testing gives completely new possibilities to develop operations. A unique feature is the possibility to freely and safely develop and test the control system of a machine without waiting for the prototype to be completed. The simulator-based development environment brings the machine to be tested onto the designer’s table.

The customer saves on working hours and costs, and gains in safety. By virtually testing the control systems, you can save expenses in both product development and after-marketing. Later on, the test environment can be used for quality assurance of new product versions.
We are actively developing both testing and the tools used for it. In addition, our services cover the planning of test cases and consulting for the planning of test management.

TAWIx software developed by Creanex helps you to manage the automatisation of testing. The tester can use TAWIx for loading test cases and test instructions, running scripted tests and reporting test results into the test management system.

Virtual driver

Automatisation of testing may require imitating the driver’s actions. Creanex HIL-simulator can include a virtual user interface, which replaces the physical controls with virtual software controls. This allows for connecting to the control system via the control bus or the I/O bus, and no changes to the control systems are needed. You can simulate using the control levers and switches without the physical controls. The simulator can record the control and measurement history into a log file for later use. You can also use real time gauges. An experienced tester and implement various levels of interaction and set goals for them for the test situations.