Simulator Solution Design and Implementation

We always base the simulator design on what the simulator will be used for. We use our experiences of past successful solutions and adapt them to new environments and new implementations. Simulators are comprehensive projects that include mechanics, electronics and display set ups, and even sound systems.

We always take into consideration

-The intended work space and method of use: the simulator can be installed on a mobile platform, on a desk top or be mounted to the floor
-The brand and design language of the customer
-Ergonomics of use
-Display and sound systems

We build a virtual model of the work machine in the simulator. This model is usually built from the original design models of the actual machine. The simulation also includes visual and sound effects.

The requirements for a product development simulator differ from a simulator designed for training or marketing purposes. These requirements are always taken into consideration, and determine the level of simulation and models needed.

When the control system of the machine is included, we will simulate all necessary sensors and controls. This ensures that the machine is as authentic as possible. Our simulations are so accurate that our training simulators are commonly used by product development. 

Creanex has a number of ready made simulations for hydraulic components, sensors, control buses and electric components. When necessary, we can separate simulations to independent components (Simulink, Matlab, Python etc.). This brings flexibility to the simulation.