Earth Moving Simulators

ConstraX© Earth Moving Simulator

Creanex excavator simulator ConstraX© is a comprehensive learning tool. It is possible to change handles, pedals and controls so that you can practice the use of different excavators on the same simulator.

Training tool that motivates both the students and the teacher

Creanex excavator simulators are designed to meet the objectives of the training. Diverse exercises and multiple repetitions turn students into professionals. Repetitions improve the confidence and skills of the student. As the student develops, the simulator can raise the requirements of the exercises.

SimTrainer facilitates the work of the instructor

SimTrainer is a unique teaching management tool that can be integrated with the simulator. You can build a clear frame work for training and you can follow the progress of each student with SimTrainer. The SimTrainer exercise bank includes 50-80 ready to use simulator exercises.

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Excavator is full featured earthmoving machine. Simulator is including novatron Xsite machine control systems. Read more of novatron sytems on


Wheel Loader

Learn how to handle full featured Wheel Loader in city and mine environment



Use big Dumper on safe enviroment in simulator