Training Simulators for the Industry

Many global work machinery manufacturers have partnered with Creanex to design and implement training simulator solutions for their machines.

What are the benefits of training simulators for machine manufacturers?

1. A cost effective solution for organising training for end users and maintenance in a controlled environment.
2. An easy way to set up introduction and work technique training
3. A great tool for marketing future products

A training simulator is a virtual environment, in which you can practice using the work machine as authentically as possible. Simulator solutions are always case specific and depend on the intended use.

The authentic feeling is achieved by careful planning and implementing. Important aspects to take into consideration are drivability, easy introduction and manufacturing feasibility. Using the customer’s own design language and colors we build unique brand enhancing solutions.

We make simulators easy for the customer

We at Creanex are professionals in simulator design. Our customers are professionals in their own field and experts with their own machines. This is why close cooperation is integral for successful simulator projects.

The customer together with the Creanex team specifies requirements and technical specifications. Customer feedback is also essential when ensuring that the feeling of the controls is authentic. The manufacture has a significant role also during the preparation and design of the training content. Creanex will provide the customer with great tools and best practices for achieving the best training content design.
The best solutions stem from close cooperation and lead to optimal results.

Control systems a part of the simulator

We can integrate the user interfaces and settings to the training, when we embed the machine control system in to the simulator. The integration of control systems is Creanex special expertise. We have a wide variety of solutions for embedding all types of control systems as part of a simulator.

Creanex brings you the complete package

The simulator environment is delivered ready-to-use. We take care of everything from prototyping and testing. The project includes comprehensive technical design and manufacturing documentation. Creanex also offers simulator upkeep and maintenance.