Logistics Simulators

TruckX© Safe and Effective Way to Learn to Control Large Vehicles

Creanex logistics simulator TruckX© is the next step in driving training. Comprehensive training packages and authentic virtual training environments make effective training possible. Diverse and visually detailed modeling of the work environment together with exact simulation creates an authentic feel to the work.

Training tool that motivates both the students and the teacher

Creanex logistics simulators are designed to meet the objectives of the training. Diverse exercises and multiple repetitions turn students into professionals. Only repetitions improve the confidence and skills the student. You can effectively learn to maneuver a large vehicle in a restricted space in a simulator environment where many different situations can be simulated. As the student develops, the simulator can raise the requirements of the exercises.

SimTrainer facilitates the work of the instructor

SimTrainer is a unique teaching management tool that can be integrated with the simulator. You can build a clear frame work for training and you can follow the progress of each student with SimTrainer. The SimTrainer exercise bank includes 50-80 ready to use simulator exercises.

Discover the variety of our TruckX© -products in mode detail

Log Truck

Log Truck is full featured, full trailer combination truck. Log truck crane is Kesla 2110T. Simulator has lots of different trainings for driving and using crane.


Full trailer combination

Learn how to drive big full trailer combination. Lots of real life like trainings in logistics center and on around of city. Simulator have also drivable van with trailer combination. Watch more information on video.


Crane Truck

Crane Truck Simulator is efficient way to learn how to operate crane and driving on crane truck. Learn how to load and unload haul correctly. Simulator includes wide rage different trainings.


Forklift is widely used tool in storages all over the world. Lear how to operate Forklift in safe environment on simulator. Forklift Simulator includes lots of different trainings. Driving forklift in storage, load and unload haul.