Teaching Management System SimTrainer

Towards a Complete Simulator Training

SimTrainer is a tool developed by Creanex for the management of training and exercise results. With SimTrainer you can organise training into units and monitor the progress of the students.
Even the best simulator needs an instructor with a solid teaching plan. The content of the training will determine how well the students learn. With SimTrainer, the training becomes interactive and easily manageable.

Feedback is an important part of learning

With SimTrainer you can set clear objectives and give detailed instructions on how the exercises must be completed. The result reports of the exercises are logged and can be reviewed, including data that you would not be able to get from the actual work machines.

SimTrainer completes the training system.

With SimTrainer You can:
1. divide the contents into units when necessary
2. easily group students
3. create different study programs for different groups
4. create personal log in keys for students
5. link the training material and simulator exercises to training periods
6. manage and monitor student’s results and progress
7. raise the difficulty of the exercises progressively
8. analyze exercise data and give feedback
9. score exercises with various criteria
10. facilitate self study with a clear frame work and a consistent progressive study plan

Personal log in for students

You can use a standard memory stick to create a personal log in key for each student. Student specific keys offer you many benefits, the main one being that the individual progress is recorded in detail. Every time a student opens the software, the material automatically navigates to the next exercise in the program. You can open a report of each exercise completed.

If you want more information about SimTrainer and its benefits, contact Creanex. We are happy to provide you with additional information.