Training Environments for Schools

Creanex offers next generation work machine training solutions for schools in the fields of excavation and logistics. Studies show that productivity between drivers can vary 20-40% due to the differences in driving and work planning skills.

Virtual Training Environment an Effective and a Safe Way to Learn

Our virtual training environments facilitate and enhance training in a meaningful and cost effective way. You learn the exact skills needed in the real life, but all possible damage to the machinery and environment are virtual. Everyone wants to teach and learn with these devices!

Development with learning in mind

Creanex training simulator design always has a pedagogic foundation. Learning is always the most important aspect. Our goal is that it is as easy as possible to integrate the simulator as par of the training. Facilitating the work of the instructor and motivating the student with diverse exercises are important parts of simulator design. The exercises are created to meet the requirements of the training and are always project specific.

No shortcuts to learning

The skills to control and use machines have to be built systematically. The training simulators come with programs and exercises for learning machine control, work techniques and work planning. All students have personal log in keys with which the simulator identifies them and guides them to the correct exercises and programs. These programs include work cite exercises, machine control exercises, and individual work steps such as loading and unloading. With the simulator you learn by doing, and remember, practice makes perfect.

Creanex takes work planning to a new level

The training simulator is an environment in which you train the use of the work machine in a situation as close to reality as possible. All the controls and functions of the simulator are identical to the ones in the actual work machine. The sounds, visual effects and even force feedback can be included in the simulation. The simulated terrains can be designed and built based on the requirements of the various training situations.

Planning of one’s own work has traditionally been a challenge for training. In the simulator environment the situations can be repeated multiple times. This gives the student tools and methods for work planning in a new way.

Managing teaching and following the development of the students is easy with Creanex SimTrainer tool. Read more about the possibilities of SimTrainer.